Friday, October 10, 2014

Why I published two books in 2014

I published two of my books in 2014. Notice that I did not say I wrote two books in 2014. Recently I completely updated my bestseller: Become your Best. In addition, I also got it translated into French: Realisez votre plein potentiel.

In March 2014, I self-published them in Mauritius. Why were they printed and published in Mauritius. Well, because I have a very good friend who has a good printing business in Mauritrius. Through my contacts, I had a lot of publicity in the newspapers and on radio in Mauritius. Become your Best was already a bestseller in Mauritius after it was first published in 1997. As most people in Mauritius speak French, I was advised to translate my book. It took me over sixteen years until my recent retirement to finally embark on my book translation project. Realisez votre plein potentiel is selling very well and is also projected to become a bestseller in Mauritius too.

Why did I write and translate my book? For the simple reason that I needed to learn and research the principles of personal management and development for myself all these years ago. It took me eight years from my first writing to publishing it in 1997. To date, I have not seen a book which has as much practical and useful advice, techniques and strategies on how to make the most of your life as my book: Become your Best. That's why I updated it and published it again in March 2014.

These two books and my third book, Putting People First, are available in Mauritius at BookCourt and Le Cygne. You can also purchase them from me directly:

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