Thursday, September 25, 2014

Seek and find your purpose in life

Most people have not spend enough time to seek and find their purpose in life. The majority of people in the world are still surviving and struggling to make a living. Most of them don’t have the luxury of thinking about their purpose in life. It seems to them that their purpose in life is simply to put food on the table and make sure there is a shelter above their heads.

For those of you who have fulfilled all your survival needs, you are most probably seeking to lead a meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling life. Have you find your purpose in life?

First of all, what do we mean when we talk about our purpose in life? Purpose in life is basically the intrinsic desire in people to have a positive impact on themselves and circle of influence, and to share their values and passion with others. Everybody has a universal need for purpose, a sense of accomplishment and happiness in their  relationships, workplaces and life. 

So how can you seek and find your purpose in life? Firstly, start by making a full inventory of all the assets you possess, not just financial assets. Determine what are your strengths, skills and talents. Know who your loved ones, friends and network of contacts are, and who you can count on. Determine what really matters for you i.e. your top priorities and passion.

Secondly, know what a meaning, purposeful and fulfilled life would look and feel like at the end of your life. You can visualize yourself at your eightieth birthday. All your loved ones and friends have gathered together to celebrate your birthday. Imagine your partner in life speaking to the gathering and telling everybody how you are as a partner. Similarly imagine what your son or daughter, best friend, ex-boss, neighbour, and someone your have helped would say about you at that occasion. Of course, you have to feel tears of joy in your eyes and happiness in your heart from what you imagine hearing from all these people. If you write it all down, you would certainly know what your core values are.
By knowing all your assets, priorities, passion, and core beliefs and values, you can then formulate your mission statement and purpose in life.

My purpose in life is to become my best in all aspects of my life in order to help out my loved ones and circle of influence with love and gratitude, without imposing my views and beliefs on them.
Have you determine your purpose in life? How did you seek and find it? Would you like to share your purpose in life with us?

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