Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stretching beyond your comfort zone

Building self-confidence requires that you stretch beyond where you have been before. As you do this, your confidence about being able to take on new challenges increases. Self-confidence gives you the ability to set smart goals and to overcome obstacles and fear.

Leaving your comfort zone means moving into unfamiliar terrain and facing uncertainty. You need to transform these fears into focused thinking and action. By taking decisive actions and sometimes even learning from your mistakes, you grow and enhance your confidence.

If you feel stuck in a comfort trap, it's time to set some new goals. Setting and achieving your goals boosts your confidence and leads you to pursue greater challenges.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dealing with self-doubts

Most of us struggle with self-doubt at one point or the other. In my opinion, what makes the difference between success and failure is not whether we have self-doubts, but what we do when the doubts creep in.

What I do is I go back to my two solid foundations: Positive Mental Attitude and Health Self-esteem. I accept my thoughts about the self-doubts, and reformat them in a more positive way i.e. as an opportunity to test myself and my capacity to move forward knowing that there may be obstacles along the way.

What works for me is taking decisive action, either abandon the idea as being unrealistic for the moment or going ahead facing my doubts and fears squarely.

Taking decisive actions and learning from our mistakes and successes also build your self-confidence.