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Hawaiian Teachings of Ho’oponopono

I bet most of you haven’t heard of Ho’oponopono. I did not learn about it myself until I attended a workshop in Cape Town, South Africa on February 2014. What is Ho’oponopono? It is a traditional spiritual Hawaiian healing process of letting go of toxic energies and memories within you to allow the impact of divine thoughts, words, deeds and actions. It a healing and cleansing process that removes the mental obstacles that block your path, freeing your mind to find new and inspirational ways to get what you want out of life.

In his best-selling book, ZERO LIMITS, Joe Vitale told the story of Dr. Hew Len, the master teacher of modern Ho’oponopono. More than thirty years ago in Hawaii, at the Hawaii State Hospital, there was a special ward, a clinic for the mentally ill criminals. The officials of this ward sought out Dr. Hew Len to assist in the rehabilitation of these criminals and violent offenders. Dr. Hew Len agreed, and asked for the files of about a dozen of the most uncooperative and violent criminals in this particular ward. Without seeing any of the offenders, I started to cleanse himself and to pray for the dozen criminals, using only four powerful phrases: I am sorry; Please forgive me; I love you; and Thank you.

After a few weeks, the officials started to see some positive changes in the offenders assigned to Dr. Hew Len. After several months, some of them made so much progress that they were released. He took on more files of other criminals. Dr. Hew Len worked there close to four years. In the end, there remained only a couple of inmates that were relocated somewhere else and the clinic for the mentally insane criminals had to close.

I have personally used the teachings of Ho’oponopono. I cleanse myself constantly by repeating: I love you; Please forgive me; I am sorry; and Thank you to myself whenever I can.  By the way, you can say these four phrases in any order that make sense to you. The result after about a year is that I am experiencing more peace of mind, contentment, health and wealth. This is the most worthwhile thing that I have done for my wellbeing for a long time. It is the best advice I have to share with you at this time. Check it out for yourself, and discover the amazing power of this ancient Hawaiian spiritual teachings.

What is the best teaching/principle you have implemented successfully in your life? Please share it with us so that we all can benefit.


  1. Hi,

    I would like to tell about ho'oponopono, Dr. Hew Len and about Morrnah Simeona.

    Dr Hew Len published incorrect information about ho'oponopono, about his story in Hawaii State Hospital, about his job there and about the healings of the patients with Ho'oponopono in Hawaii State Hospital. Dr. Hew Len says in several interviews, articles, and in the book "Zero Limits" he healed his patients with a mantra (im sorry, please forgive me, i love you, thank you.). Thats incorrect, this are fake news.
    Dr. Hew Len never healed with a mantra "i love you, please forgive you, im sorry, thank you." in Hawaii State Hospital. This mantra is not ho'oponopono, and it is not hawaiian. This Mantra was developed by Dr. Hew Len in the 1990s after Morrnah's death.

    Morrnah Simeona (1913 - 1992) was a native hawaiian kahuna. She was the teacher of Michael Micklei and Dr. Stanley Hew Len. Michael Micklei accompanied Morrnah much time. He worked with Morrnah around 5 years together. Morrnah lived in Michael Mickleis and Yvettes home in Germany until she passed away in 1992. Michael Micklei translated Morrnah's 14-step ho'oponopono to german. He has been authorized to do so by Morrnah Simeona.
    Michael Micklei knows Dr. Hew Len already at the time, while Dr. Hew Len worked in the Hawaii state Hospital in the 1980s. Michael Micklei and Dr. Hew Len gave togehter Ho'oponopono seminars. In the seminars were teached only the 14-step ho'oponopono process of Morrnah Simeona. Not a Mantra.

    Michael Micklei from Pacifica Seminars says, that Dr. Hew Len have in the Hawaii State Hospital his patients healed with Morrnah's 14-step Ho'oponopono-Process. Never with a mantra.
    Morrnah Simeona adapted the traditional Ho'oponopono to today's times and realities. She has developed a 14-step process. Everyone can learn and use it. This is a modern version of the traditional Ho'oponopono process. Morrnah has founded the “Pacifica Seminars” in the 1970s and then the “Foundation of I” to spread her 14-step ho'oponopono around the world. She made it possible for all people to solve their problems with her 14-Step Ho’oponopono.
    In September 1990, Morrnah and Yvette Mauri founded “Pacifica Seminars” in Germany (see Pacifica Seminars Europe is the only organization in Europe, where you can learn Morrnah's original Ho'oponopono-process today, that was developed by Morrnah.

    Michael Micklei wrote in a comment to an another person:

    (see my second comment here)

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    Nobody talks about Morrnah's 14-step Ho'oponopono today. Morrnah's Ho'oponopono is no longer known to anyone today. Many people were misinformed by Dr. Hew Len and by the Book “Zero Limits” and by another books and organisations. Dr. Hew Len does not speak about Morrnahs 14-step ho'oponopono-process anymore and he doesen't speak about he healed his patients with Morrnah's 14-step ho'oponopono-process in Hawaii State Hospital. The people are misinformed. What reason have Dr. Hew Len to tell this lie? I don't understand it...

    Michael Micklei has written a report about Dr. Hew Len and the healings in Hawaii State Hospital that happend with Morrnah's 14-step Ho'oponopono. Please let me share this link (is only in german language, please use Google tanslator to translate to your language):

    Please share this information to another people :-) It is in the interests of all people.

    Thank you and

    Aloha and cheers

    Patrice C.

  2. (part 2)

    hael Micklei wrote in a comment to an another person:

    Dr. Len never healed in the mentioned hospital by only saying over and over "I love you" and "Thank you" to the "I", Morrnahs word for the Source, for Divinity. Instead he used Morrnahs 12 (or 14) step process only, twice or three times a day. Every day he walked through the hospital he looked carefully to the patients, the doctors, his feelings. He taped this. And asked Divinity to heal his karmic bondages with these persons and matters. A hard job for three years. Divinity accepted the plea and healed. 2 persons were not healed, as there were no karmic bondages with Dr. Len.

    Morrnah gave him this kind of order to do so (and at that time he worked really for the good to help Morrnah for her special spiritual job) and in classes, we both attended between Nov. 86 and later, Dr. Len was always telling in detail at the beginning that he was doing exactly this, nothing else. NO mantra was mentioned, never. At that time, Dr. Len was a student of Morrnah like me, so why and how could he use a quite different way in the hospital - and at the weekend in classes he said the opposite? Morrnah was also complex clairvoyant, she could see and hear everything.

    All so called tools of Dr. Len (except 2 or 3) were developped by Dr. Len after 1992, which are only temporarily harmonizing or calming down - NOT cleansing, NOT being any ho'oponopono, as they are not mutual. They are (powerful) magic tools. They are not bad in itsself, but they block people to learn authentic ho'oponoponos - traditional ones or the one of Morrnah. People like those easy magic ways, they really think to heal karmic stuff of hundreds and more reincarnations by 11 words.

    It is clearly the good part of Joe Vitale's job to spread the name of ho'oponopono from the time of "Zero limits" across the world - but the illusion is inclusive: people know the name, but did not hear about the real content of ho'oponopono or even forget it. Pls keep in mind Dr. Len's words (received by his divinity) in Zero Limits: "I've been told to kill the Divine to be home." To kill the Divine? Well, starting to take him out from the cleansing. This does not seem a path up to the mountain.
    mahalo for sharing.”

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    Aloha and cheers